California Reading & Literature Project

CRLP Mission

The mission of the California Reading & Literature Project (CRLP) is to provide professional learning experiences centering educators as learners, leaders, and partners. We foster professional growth through reflective and critically-informed pedagogies and we promote authentic and comprehensive literacy instruction that is responsive to students' assets and identities.    

CRLP accomplishes this by: 

  • Developing teachers' content knowledge and expanding their teaching strategies (guided by state-adopted frameworks, content standards, and the science of reading) through summer and academic-year institutes and professional development programs.

  • Supporting teachers in the effective use of newly adopted, standards-based instructional materials.

  • Focusing on academic English language development to prepare all students to meet or exceed academic content standards in the subject areas. 

  • Creating a statewide pool of expert teacher leaders and university scholars to conduct project programs and to translate California's educational policies and priorities into sound classroom practices to improve student achievement in Pre-K through 12th grade classrooms. 

  • Linking universities, schools, and districts together in collaborative partnerships to improve teaching and learning with professional development designed to meet district needs.

Professional Development

CRLP Results: Foundational Skills

Professional Development

Spanish-English Biliteracy Transfer

Professional Development

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Spring Speaker Series

Dyslexia Study Session

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Teachers as Learners and Leaders

Teachers as Learners and Leaders

Visual Literacy and the CA ELD Standards

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Professional Development

Engaging English Learners

CRLP professional development opportunities are amazing! I value being able to learn about research-based strategies that have also been vetted by practicing teachers.
CRLP Teacher Leader, San Francisco Unified School District

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Well Rounded Readers - Forms of Reading