Teacher Leadership

CRLP promotes teacher leadership development as a key component of the types of professional learning required for sustained school improvement. Teacher Leadership is at the heart of everything we do: we believe in supporting the development and promotion of teacher leadership in many forms and through various channels.

Each year teachers from around the Bay Area are invited to be a part of our Teacher Leadership Invitational Professional Development Series. 

The purpose of our annual Teacher Leader Invitational is to build the leadership capacity of teachers thorughout the Bay Area. Our Invitational leadership institutes provide participants with no-cost opportunities to deepen their content and pedagogical knowledge about reading instruction, enhance comprehension and reading interest in their students, and develop effective use of content-area texts in their classrooms. The institutes also provide opportunities for participants to develop their presentation and coaching skills.

Our Teacher Leaders are a diverse group of educators, including:

  • PreK-12 classroom teachers (English and Bilingual)

  • Literacy Coaches and Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs)

  • District and School Site Administrators

  • University Faculty

The annual CRLP Teacher Leadership Invitational explores a topic of high-interest through a series of free, interactive study sessions and workshops. Past Invitationals have focused on the following topics and activities:

  • Exploring recently-published children's books and young adult novels, through the lens of the Social Justice Standards

  • Virtual Literacy Instruction, including Foundational Reading Skills and Distance Learning and teaching Polysyllabic Decoding skills and Morphological Awareness online for upper grade students.

  • Investigating the unique needs of Diverse Learners (Students with Dylexia, Spanish-Speaking English Learners, and Struggling Readers) 

  • Integrating technology and literacy instruction through Hyperdocs and Multi-Media Text Sets

  • Studying research, assessment, standards, policy, practice and pedagogy regarding Literacy,  Language, and English Language Development

  • Refining systems for grade-level and cross grade-level articulation

  • Exploring the CA ELA/ELD Framework and discussing case studies of Integrated and Designated ELD

  • Strengthening facilitation, coaching, and presentation skills for teacher leaders

  • Refining the team meeting and data analysis process

Being a part of CRLP Teacher Leadership Invitational has provided me with a community of educators committed to moving their practice forward.
CRLP Teacher Leader