Results for Reading Comprehension

What Is Results for Reading Comprehension?

CRLP Results for Reading Comprehension provides teachers with routines for linking holistic reading comprehension instruction to grade-level text and diverse literature through the lens of an assets-based pedagogy. Results for Reading Comprehension supports teachers in designing effective instruction to help their students make meaning from complex grade-level text, whether read aloud to them or read by them with instructional support, and to use evidence from the text to demonstrate their comprehension. Lesson planning includes a 10-Step Core Routine for building content knowledge and guiding teachers in creatively thinking about and choosing appropriate strategies and scaffolds for comprehension of challenging texts, following a general instructional sequence for before, during, and after reading.


  • Become familiar with a 10-Step Core Routine of instructional strategies to help all students better comprehend complex texts, with an emphasis on those students historically underserved by California schools: students of color, multilingual learners (MLs), and developing readers

  • Improve motivation and engagement for students to successfully and independently comprehend complex text in all content areas

  • Understand how strategic knowledge-building routines can enhance student background knowledge and improve a child’s reading comprehension and critical thinking

  • Learn strategies for differentiation to facilitate comprehension of core content texts for multilingual learners across levels of English language proficiency

  • Reflect on educators' personal experiences as lifetime learners of language and literacy in order to ground comprehension instruction in a learner-centered, asset-oriented, and inclusive-minded stance

How Does Results for Reading Comprehension Meet the Needs of Multilingual Learners?

CRLP has a longstanding tradition of providing professional development that helps teachers meet the needs of multilingual learners. Our teacher leaders understand the everyday challenges of providing rigorous academic language and literacy instruction for multilingual learners. Results for Reading Comprehension routines focus on how to make complex academic text accessible to all students, with a particular emphasis on the unique assets, identities and needs of multilingual learners.

CRLP Signature Professional Learning Programs meets criteria for professional learning in LCFF, and ESEA’s High-Quality Professional Development for Title I, III, V and VII, Part A; and for Title II, Part A and B.

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RRC Overview

Overview of CRLP Results for Reading Comprehension

I learned the importance of following a routine for reading instruction that provides background knowledge and motivation for reading complex text
2nd Grade Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District