CRLP Vision, Mission, and Values

For over 35 years, the California Reading & Literature Project has been steadfast in its mission to provide high-quality professional learning and leadership in TK-12 literacy instruction to California educators.

  • While our commitment to impactful professional learning and teacher leadership remains intact, the fight for racial justice and public health crisis that defined the last few years presented us with an opportunity for honest self-reflection and realignment of our values and priorities as an organization.

  • This process led to the re-examination of CRLP's Mission and Vision in 2022, and the recognition that we needed to be explicit about our Core Values.

  • We recognize that this is a work in progress that will require a commitment from all of us- to continue to reflect and examine, to hold ourselves accountable, and to learn. 

CRLP Vision
CRLP Mission
CRLP Core Values


Literacy is a civil right.


Inclusive and collaborative educational communities advance collective expertise.


All students receive high-quality, responsive, culturally affirming literacy instruction.


Curiosity and questioning create a cycle of learning, knowing, and understanding.


Teacher leadership fosters agency for courageous and informed decision making.